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Cat Feeding Mistakes

August 2, 2022
Is your feline pal finicky? Or will Fluffy brazenly steal your pizza when you aren’t looking? While some kitties are very fussy, others will eat anything. Regardless of which camp your pet falls into, she will need proper nutrition to stay healthy. While feeding cats isn’t rocket science, there are some things to consider. A Burlington, ON vet lists some common faux paws below.

Changing Foods Quickly

Kitties have quite sensitive tummies. Any time you change Fluffy’s diet, you’ll need to do so slowly. Mix a little of the new food in with the old, and then slowly start adjusting the proportions.

Not Reading Labels

Pet food labels can be quite complicated. However, the main thing is to look at the ingredients list. Fluffy’s food should contain mostly meat, fish, or poultry. The remaining ingredients should be natural foods, things you can both identify and pronounce. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Being Meowpulated

Our feline friends are definitely not shy about using their cuteness to their advantage. However, if your furball is getting a bit round, that sad meow may be a lie. Don’t fall for Fluffy’s theatrics! Ask your vet to recommend portions, and use that, not your pet’s dramatic feed-me-I’m-starving routine, as a guide.

Not Using Appropriate Food

Your cat’s nutritional needs will change over time. Kittens need lots of extra nutrition to fuel that fast growth spurt, while senior cats may need foods supplemented with fish oil or glucosamine. Fluffy’s age, health, and lifestyle should also factor in.

Avoid Unsafe Treats

Fluffy may think of herself as a supreme being, but that doesn’t mean she always knows what’s best for her. Stick with safe options. Some dangerous foods include garlic and onions, chocolate, avocado, alcohol, grapes and raisins, and meat on the bone. There are also things, such as tuna, which are okay occasionally but shouldn’t be offered daily.

One Size Fits All

Our furry pals all have their own specific nutritional needs. If you have a kitten and a senior, they will need different types of food. Ask your vet for advice.

Not Providing Separate Areas

If you have multiple cats, and/or have a dog as well as a kitty, you’ll need separate bowls. Our feline buddies absolutely hate having to compete for resources! Do you have questions about your cat’s diet or care? Contact us, your Burlington, ON animal clinic, today!

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