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Reasons To Keep Your Cat Inside

July 15, 2022
Do you let your feline buddy roam? Fluffy does enjoy rolling around in the dirt, leaving pawprints on freshly-washed cars, and digging up the neighbor’s flowerbed. However, she really is much better off inside. A Burlington, ON vet lists some reasons to ground your furry little friend in this article.


Fleas and ticks not only make your furry buddy itchy and uncomfortable, they also carry other parasites and dangerous diseases. Fluffy can also get heartworm. Indoor cats still need to be on parasite control, but they are generally less susceptible to parasites than kitties who are allowed to roam.


This is one of the bigger dangers to cats. Kitties can’t always get out of the way of a moving car!


That pretty fur won’t completely shield Fluffy from extreme hot or cold. Of course, winter weather is usually more of a concern around these parts than heat is. Cats can—and do—get frostbite, and they can get trapped somewhere if they get caught in a snowstorm. Kitties also are at higher risk of getting lost after it snows, as that fresh snow can obscure both the scents and landmarks that help her find her way home.


Chemical ingestion is another concern. Cats only need to walk through a recently-treated patch to be at risk. Fluffy can then ingest those chemicals simply by grooming herself. Antifreeze is another danger.

Other Animals

Fluffy may think of herself as a lion, but she may be no match for a stray or loose dog. Your feline pal could also run into snakes, owls, or other wild animals. Even other kitties can post a threat!


We know, cats look very proud of themselves when they present their humans with dead birds or rodents. And to be fair, there are also many barn cats who still make their living being mousers. However, studies have shown that these cute, innocent looking furballs kill billions of small animals every year. In a time when many wildlife populations are struggling, that can really have an impact on threatened populations.


There’s also a chance that your furball could get trapped somewhere. Fluffy isn’t exactly shy about exploring neighbors’ sheds and garages. Some kitties will even hop into an open trunk. That could be extremely dangerous! Is your kitty due for an exam? Contact us, your Burlington, ON animal clinic!

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