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Things to Teach a Kitten

July 15, 2020

Have you recently adopted a kitten? Congratulations! Little Fluffy may be tiny, but she will soon take up a huge spot in your heart. However, your tiny ball of fur has quite a bit of learning to do in that crucial first year! A Burlington, ON vet lists some things that should be on your furball’s petucation agenda below.

Humans Aren’t Toys

Little Fluffy will spend a pretty good chunk of her first year trying to master all those claws and teeth. Don’t be surprise if she tries to practice on you. This is not a habit you want to encourage! If your furry pal tries to attack you, blow in her face, and/or tell her ‘No’ in a firm tone. Then, just ignore her for a while. Regular play sessions will also help teach her better petiquette.

Stay Indoors

Cats definitely have a taste for adventure, but they’re much better staying indoors. As soon as little Fluffy sets those adorable paws outside, she’s at risk from dangers such as traffic, predators, weather, chemicals, and parasites. Kitties that go outdoors also have much higher risks of being lost, injured, or even killed. Keep your furball indoors from day one!

The Carrier Isn’t Scary

If your feline friend only sees her carrier before she goes on a car ride, she may become wary of it. Leave it out sometimes, so she gets used to it. Add comfy bedding to make it cozy, and give her toys and treats near it.

You Won’t Melt In Water

While you don’t have to bathe your cat, it’s not a bad idea to get her used to baths. That way, if she ever gets something spilled on her fur, you at least stand a chance of cleaning her up without ending up in the ER. Just check with your vet first, and make sure you have the all-clear. Use a few inches of lukewarm water, and a gentle pet shampoo.

You Are Loved

It’s easy to joke about cats being aloof, but in all honesty, our feline pals are actually very emotional, and form extremely close bonds with their humans. In fact, they see us as their parents! Nurture that special friendship by spending lots of time with little Fluffy, and paying attention to her.

As your Burlington, ON vet clinic, we’re dedicated to offering excellent care. Call us anytime!

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