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6 Not-So-Fun Facts About Ticks

July 1, 2020

Summer is prime season for ticks. These disgusting parasites are far more than an unwanted nuisance. They can transmit very dangerous diseases, such as Lyme disease, and often carry other parasites. While you probably don’t want to know too much about how these tiny monsters work, there are some things pet parents should be aware of. A Burlington, ON vet lists some key ones below.

Parasite Prevention Is Key

The best way to protect your furry friend is to keep up with their parasite control products. There are now many products to choose from, including topical drops, oral doses, and shampoos. Ask your vet for recommendations. (Note: you should never use more than one product at once, unless your vet specifically advises it.)

Tick Checks Help

Parasite control products are your best weapon against ticks, but they aren’t infallible. For one thing, even the best products gradually become less effective as the time approaches for your pet’s next dose. Plus, ticks can still hitch a ride into your house on your pet. We recommend doing tick checks daily, especially after your pet has been in fields or wooded areas. This is easy to work into cuddle time!

Landscaping Keeps Ticks At Bay

Ticks (and fleas) prefer to hang out in long grasses. They also lurk in piles of debris and shaded areas. Keeping your lawn mowed and your hedges trimmed will make your place less inviting to unwanted guests.

Wild Animals Carry Ticks

Birdfeeders, gardens, and fallen produce from fruit trees can all attract wild animals to your yard. Use deer fencing to protect gardens, and pick up fallen fruits right away. If you set out birdfeeders, don’t put them too close to your house.

Ticks Must Be Removed Properly

We recommend watching a few videos on properly removing ticks from pets.   We know, this won’t exactly be the highlight of your day. However, it’s time well spent. If you have to remove a tick, it’s crucial to do it correctly. If you don’t get the entire thing out, pieces could snap off in your pet’s skin and cause an infection.

Ticks Can’t Fly

Fleas can jump pretty far, but ticks can only crawl. They are, however, extremely well-suited to this. They have eight legs! This makes them arachnids, rather than insects.

Please contact us, your Burlington, ON vet clinic, anytime. We’re here for you! 

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