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‘Puptastic’ Ways To Celebrate Dog Party Day

June 15, 2020

There’s a special doggy holiday coming up. June 21 st is Dog Party Day! This year has been a rough one, and our canine pals have stood loyally by our sides through all of it. Giving Fido some extra attention is a great way to focus on something pawsitive! Here, a Burlington, ON vet suggests some great ways to celebrate.


If Fido could pick just one way to celebrate, he may very well opt for a yummy snack. Plain, cooked meat, fish, or poultry is always a good bet, as long as you remove the skin, bones, and fat. You can also offer your pooch some store-bought goodies. Or, make your own! There are lots of recipes online. Just stick with ingredients that are safe for dogs.


Dogs certainly do take some adorable photos! Snap some pics of your furry bff. Experiment with different apps and frames. Fido may look super cute as a pencil sketch!


We know, baths aren’t exactly Fido’s favorite. However, your pooch will both look and feel better with proper grooming.


Did you know that toys are actually very important to Fido’s health and well-being? Chewing helps keep your pup’s jaws strong, while running and jumping after that ball or stick keep him fit physically. Puzzle toys are also beneficial, as they offer mental stimulation. Buy or make your furry pal a few new playthings.


Dogs are always cute, but they’re super adorable when they’re feeling frisky. Indulge Fido with an extra-long play session. This may be the highlight of your day as well!


We know, walking Fido is an absolute must for many of you, for sanitary reasons. However, even if your furry buddy has a fenced yard to patrol, he’ll still benefit from the fresh air, sunlight, and exercise those daily strolls provide. Let your pooch explore a new park or trail.

Splashing Fun

Many of our canine companions love to cool off on hot days by going for a swim. Get Fido a kiddie pool to play in, or let him splash around in the spray from a hose.


Why not give your four-legged friend a new bed? Or, better yet, buy or make him a doghouse. That’s bound to get Fido’s cute tail going!

As your Burlington, ON pet hospital, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Contact us anytime! 

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