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National Beagle Day

April 15, 2021

April 22nd is National Beagle Day! These cute, lovable pooches make great family pets. They definitely deserve a day of their own. A veterinarian discusses this charming pooch below.


The Beagle’s origins are a bit mysterious. The name may have originated from the word beag , which was Gaelic for ‘little.’ It also could stand for be’geule , which is a French ‘translation’ of the sound hunting dogs make. It seems that Beagles has been around for a while. Records of small hounds being used for hunting in Britain predate the arrival of the Romans. This happened in 55 BC. It becomes more clear after the American Civil War. The AKC officially registered the first Beagle after a pup named Blunder, in 1885.


Beagles can range in color from lemon yellow to red and white to tricolored. Beagles have adorable floppy ears. It is important to keep a Beagle’s ears clean, because they are prone to ear infections. Regular brushing is also a must. Beagles shed continuously through the year. Bruising teeth and trimming nails are important too. Ask your vet for more advice.

Hound Dog

The Beagle is a scenthound. That makes him a natural tracker. He’s also a foothound. This means he can be followed on foot. This trait used to be highly valued. Way back when, many people hunted for their food. Not everyone could afford a horse and this made hunting difficult. So, hunters with Beagles could keep up with their hunt on foot. 

It is relevant to mention that Beagles are known for following their noses. They are also prone to running off after a scent. Don’t let your Beagle run around off-leash, and make sure you have secure fencing. 


Beagles may be small, but they’re very active. They need lots of exercise and playtime. They’re also extremely sociable. They tend to get into trouble when left alone. Make sure your Beagle has a friend!


We can’t talk about Beagles without mentioning Snoopy. Charlie Brown’s dog Snoopy was first sketched in 1950. If you want to see something truly amazing, watch the animated video of them meeting for the first time!

Do you have questions about Beagle care? Contact your veterinary clinic today!

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