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Your Cat’s Scratching Habit

July 1, 2019

Cats are very cute and lovable, and they are chock full of hilarious—and often purrplexing—habits. However, not all of Fluffy’s quirks aren’t always very popular among her human pals. In fact, one kitty habit—scratching—can be quite exasperating. A local Burlington, ON vet discusses kitty nail care habits in this article.

Understanding Fluffy’s Need To Scratch

Your furry buddy isn’t purposely trying to ruin your things, even if she does look suspiciously pleased with herself. Cats have a deep-rooted, innate urge to keep their nails sharp. This makes sense, as our feline pals rely on their claws for hunting, defense, and climbing to shelter and safety in the wild. We know, your pet may only need to defend herself against the dreaded ‘blanket monster’ and will only need to climb as far as your bed or couch, but she still has the natural instincts of her ancestors.

Scratching Posts

Choosing a good scratching post is very important. You’ll want to pick something sturdy, as Fluffy may become wary of a wobbly post. The post should also be tall enough to let your kitty stretch as she scratches. Cat towers are great, but you can also offer your pet scratching boards.

Protecting Your Things

There are a few things you can do to steer your cat away from scratching your sofa. Try blocking off your kitty’s favorite spots. You can put a potted plant in her way. If your furry friend is scratching the corner of a chair or sofa, put clear, two-sided tape on it. Cats hate that sticky feeling.

Encouraging Good Behavior

Cats are quite opinionated, and are notorious for doing what they want. You can teach your furball proper nail-care habits, though it will take time, patience, and a bit of trickery. If you see Fluffy scratching improperly, do something that will startle her. Bang two pots together, sound a bike horn, or squirt her with water. You’ll also need to reward good behavior. When your kitty uses her post, praise her and give her treats.

Last Resort

If you aren’t having any luck, consider getting Fluffy some claw caps. These are sort of like fake nails for kitties. Your furry little pal can even wear pretty colors, like pink or red! Ask your vet for more information.

Please contact us, your Burlington, ON vet clinic, anytime. We’re happy to help!

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