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If Pets Had Thumbs Day

March 1, 2019

Did you know there’s a fun holiday coming up? March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day! It’s probably safe to say that if Fido and Fluffy suddenly grew opposable thumbs, they’d immediately get into a good amount of mischief. Here, a Brant Hills, ON vet suggests a few things our furry pals may do if they had thumbs.

Eat All The Food

Fluffy and Fido may not agree on everything, but they do share a love of food. Your furry buddy probably wouldn’t waste much time going through the contents of your refrigerator. And your cupboards. And your pantry.

Empty All The Boxes

We all know that cats have a hard time resisting empty boxes. Fluffy may dump the contents out of every box you have, and then spend the day hopping from one empty box to another. Your kitty may also rummage through the contents of all your drawers. If you have a fish, well, let’s just say you’d probably come home to an empty tank.

Online Shopping

If your furry friend could figure out one-click shopping, you may find yourself suddenly getting swamped with package deliveries. What would they order? We suspect that Fluffy would buy all sorts of kitty beds, as well as automated laser pointers, catnip plants, toys, live exotic fish, and luxury cat towers. Fido may sign up for meat delivery, toys, treats and, of course, a comfy new bed.


There are few things that our canine friends love more than sniffing new grass… well, except perhaps for bacon, belly rubs, and car rides. Your dog may very well try to enjoy all of these things by letting himself out and heading off on some doggy adventures. As for Fluffy, if she enjoys going outside, she may spend the day plucking flowers or painting mice on your car. Otherwise, she’d just lock Fido out and take a nap.


Our four-legged companions really do take some adorable photos. Fido and Fluffy may spend some time taking selfies!

Cancel Appointments

Proper veterinary care is crucial to your pet’s health and well-being. However, many of our furry patients don’t exactly see it that way. If Fluffy and Fido were suddenly able to cancel their appointments, we suspect our calendars may quickly clear up.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Brant Hills, ON vet clinic, today!

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