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Signs of Doggy Dental Woes

November 1, 2018

Have you had your dog’s teeth checked lately? Fido can be afflicted by several different dental conditions. He can also crack or break his teeth by chewing on hard objects. Dental problems are just as painful and dangerous for dogs as they are for people. That’s why it’s very important for pet owners to keep an eye out for warning signs. A Burlington, ON vet lists some common ones in this article.

Bad Breath

It’s probably safe to say that minty-fresh breath isn’t among Fido’s many charms and great qualities. However, if your canine friend’s breath could kill plants, it’s probably time to get his choppers checked.


Fido can be, well, a bit slobbery. However, many people don’t realize that excessive, ropy, or stringy drool can be a sign of dental issues.

Bleeding Gums

Traces of blood on your pet’s toys or dishes are another warning sign. You may even see Fido’s gums bleeding.

Tartar Buildup

Does your canine pal have unsightly tartar buildup? If so, Fido may need a good deep cleaning. This is often a sign of gum disease, which is very serious issue that afflicts up to 80 percent of adult dogs. This is very concerning, as gum disease can contribute to some serious medical issues, such as heart disease.


Toothaches don’t usually do very much for people’s moods. Dogs are no different. If your canine best buddy seems uncharacteristically grumpy, dental issues—or other medical problems—could be to blame. If Fido’s teeth hurt, he may also shy away as you try to touch his face.

Reduced Interest In Play

As you’ve probably noticed, dogs use their mouths to play. Fido’s teeth can really take a beating when he’s playing Tug-o-war or Fetch! If your furry buddy’s favourite playthings are sitting around collecting dust, your pooch may have dental problems.


Visible swelling is definitely an indication that something is wrong. Call your vet immediately if you notice any swelling on Fido’s face or mouth.

Changes In Eating Habits

It isn’t easy to chew on a sore tooth. Fido may take longer eating, or chew on just one side of his mouth. He may also start preferring softer food, or even stop eating altogether.

If you know or suspect that your dog has dental problems, call us today! As your Burlington, ON vet clinic, we are here to help!

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