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Fun Facts About Ginger Kitties

September 1, 2022
Today is Ginger Cat Day! This is an appropriate month to celebrate orange cats, as orange and red are very popular colors for seasonal decorations. Ginger kitties definitely have their kitty charisma. A Burlington, ON vet lists some things that you may not have known about Fluffy below.

Most Are Boys

The vast majority of redheaded kitties are males: only about one in five is a girl. This is due to genetics: the gene that is responsible for Fluffy’s red hair is dominant, and must be paired with a recessive gene in girls.

They’re All Tabbies

While not all tabby cats are gingers, all ginger cats are tabbies. They all have a specific gene, which is the agouti gene.

They Wear Different Patterns

Fluffy can sport a few different patterns. There are five main ones: classic, or blotched; mackerel, or tiger; spotted; ticked; and patched. Coat colors can range from a pale cream to rich red.

The M Is For … Meow?

One thing all ginger cats have in common? That telltale M on their foreheads. This rather adorable marking has gathered some legends of its own. Some think it stands for Mohammed, who was apparently a fan of tabby cats. Others believe it represents the Virgin Mary and her friendship with a ginger furball. Fluffy’s not telling!

They’re Outspoken

All of our feline buddies have their own personalities, and each of them is definitely unique. That said, tabby cats tend to be quite vocal and outspoken. Fluffy probably isn’t shy about speaking her mind!

They’re Fun To Name

It’s always cute seeing the names that people have chosen for their feline buddies. For those of us in the veterinary care industry, we’ve learned to expect ginger kitties when we get appointments for new patients with names like Marmalade, Garfield, Big Red, Cheeto, Tigger, or Cinnamon.

Fluffy Has Freckles

Redheaded kitties often have black freckles on their furry faces. These are typically harmless, and may not show much, if at all.

They Can Be Stars

Quite a few ginger kitties have become celebrikitties. There’s Jones, from the Alien franchise; the nameless cat from Breakfast at Tiffany’s; and Milo from Milo and Otis, to name a few. Of course, we can’t forget animated icons like Garfield and Shrek’s little buddy, Puss In Boots. As your Burlington, ON pet hospital, we’re here for you. Call us anytime!
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