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Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy This Year

January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! It’s probably safe to say that many people are more than happy to say goodbye to 2020, and move on to 2021. Traditionally, this is a day when a lot of people focus on their goals for the coming year, and set some resolutions. Why not include Fido in your priorities? Below, a Burlington, ON vet lists some things you can do to keep your canine pal happy and healthy this year.


Playing is great for dogs, both mentally and physically. Running and jumping will help keep your furry best buddy in good physical shape, while timing those jumps is great for his mind. Of course, playing is also fun for Fido, which is wonderful for his overall happiness and well being.

Limited Treats

If it were up to Fido, he’d probably want you to vow to give him unlimited bacon and sausage on demand. Unfortunately, that just wouldn’t be very good for him. (Sorry, buddy!) Treats are fine, but keep it to a dull roar. Limit them to about 5 percent of your pup’s daily caloric intake.


Training isn’t just important because of manners. It’s also absolutely crucial for safety, and can help keep your furry friend from getting lost or injured, or eating something he shouldn’t. If Fido hasn’t finished his petucation, put that on your to-do list for the coming year.


Man’s Best Friend is curious and playful. He also has a very strong appetite. These things can make a dangerous combination! Do some petproofing to make your home safe for Fido.

Veterinary Care

No surprises here. Regular veterinary care will go a long way towards keeping Fido healthy. If your pup is overdue, let this be a reminder to schedule an appointment for him. Parasite control, vaccinations, and exams are all crucial!

A Good Diet

Proper nutrition is the foundation for any great pet care routine. Give Fido the best food you can afford. Your vet can offer specific advice here.


Bathing and brushing Fido regularly is also very important. Don’t forget about his teeth and nails!


Make sure Fido is microchipped and wearing ID tags. This small step can make a huge difference if your canine companion ever goes missing!

As your Burlington, ON veterinary clinic, we’re looking forward to serving you in 2021 and beyond! Call us anytime!

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