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Holiday Gifts For Cats

December 15, 2019

With the holiday season ramping up into full gear, many people are trying to find the perfect gifts for their friends, colleagues, and family members. Of course, you’ll also need to pick out a few things for your cat! Read on as a Burlington, ON vet lists some great gifts for Fluffy.


If we can say one thing for certain about our feline friends, it’s that they are very, very sleepy. Beds are always a good gift for kitties. It really doesn’t matter if Fluffy already has a bed. Or two. Or three. As far as cats are concerned, you can never have too many napping spots to choose from!


Our feline pals aren’t exactly shy about using our furniture. However, Fluffy does enjoy having things that were made to fit her. Cat towers are great gifts! Your kitty may also appreciate a pet tent or tower, or a comfy window seat.


Kitties are always hilarious when they are feeling the effects of catnip. Once everyone has finished opening their gifts, give your furball some of her favorite plant. Remember to get some adorable pictures of Fluffy enjoying herself.


Toys keep Fluffy happy and entertained. They also help her stay in shape, and keep her from getting bored. Put some new playthings in your pet’s stocking. Classic cat toys, like catnip mice, are fine, but you can also give your furry pal something more modern, like a remote-controlled mouse.


Many of us will be enjoying some delicious feasts over the next few weeks. Give your kitty a treat of her own by offering her some plain, cooked, meat, fish, or chicken. You can also give your pet some shredded deli meat, or canned tuna or chicken in water.

Kitty Fountain

Many of our furry buddies prefer drinking running water. A fountain is another great gift for Fluffy!


It wouldn’t exactly be a surprise if Fluffy ignored her other gifts and jumped into an empty box from someone’s present. Why not make your pet her own little box castle?

Subscription Box

Did you know that you can get your cat her own subscription box? You can sign Fluffy up to get regular packages of toys, treats, and, of course, catnip.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Brant Animal Clinic, your local Burlington, ON vet clinic. Please contact us anytime!

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