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Adopting A Senior Dog

November 1, 2019

November is Adopt A Senior Dog Month! Of course, any month is a good time to adopt an older dog. However, we’re happy to shed some light on this topic. Many people find that older dogs make the best pets! A Burlington, ON vet discusses adopting older dogs in this article.

The Plight Of Older Dogs

Senior dogs are very cute and lovable, and have a special way of melting our hearts. Unfortunately, they have a very hard time getting adopted, and stay in shelters much longer than their younger counterparts. This is very sad, because older pets often end up in shelters for no fault of their own. Some are abandoned by callous owners, often after years of loyalty.


There are many benefits to adopting an older pet. For one thing, they usually have a very calm, sweet manner. These guys just want someone to love them and cuddle them! Dogs in their senior years don’t require as much playtime or exercise as younger animals. They’re also usually already fixed, and are typically already trained. Another thing to consider is the fact that they don’t have as much time left as younger pets. That means it’s a shorter commitment for you, which can be beneficial as well. Last but not least, older pets aren’t as destructive as younger ones.


Before you bring your new pet home, you’ll need to pick up a few things. Keep Fido’s age in mind when shopping. Comfy beds, elevated dishes, and pet ramps or stairs will all help keep your canine buddy comfortable. Your pooch will also need a high-quality senior-formula food. If you know what he has been eating, get that food to start. Make changes slowly, and only after consulting your vet.

Getting Settled

Going to a new home is a huge change for pets, and one that can be quite stressful for them. Don’t be surprised if your Fido sleeps a lot at first. This is normal. Pets often need to recover from the stress of being in a shelter. They may also be depressed at being separated from or abandoned by their former owners. Just make sure your pooch has a comfy place to relax and settle in. You’ll soon find that tail wags from a senior dog are truly precious!

Please contact us, your Burlington, ON vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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