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Spring Cleaning for Pet Parents

April 1, 2019

Spring is officially here! At this time of year, many people are rolling up their sleeves and getting some deep cleaning done. If you have pets, you may find a few extra tasks on your to-do list. A local Burlington, ON vet offers some spring cleaning tips below.


Dusting and vacuuming will work wonders towards making your home look and smell cleaner. This is a good time to go all-out. Vacuum in different directions to ensure that you’re getting everything. When you’re done, use a plastic bag to dispose of the bag or tank contents. Seal the bag, and take it outside.


Wash your furry buddy’s bedding. Use hot water and unscented detergent, and then put it in the dryer on the hottest cycle. Beds that are too big to go into the wash can be vacuumed.

Pet Possessions

Go through your pet’s toys. If you have a dog, you’ll also want to look at his gear, such as leashes and clothing. Toss and replace anything that’s really worn out, and wash everything else. Stuffed animals and tennis balls can go into the washing machine. Use the hot cycle, and unscented soap. Many plastic and rubber toys can be washed in dishwashers. Skip the soap: the steam and hot water will do the job.

Pet Cabinets

Go through all of your pet’s belongings, such as food, treats, and medicine. Discard and replace anything that is worn out or expired. Give your furry pal’s dishes and feeding station a good cleaning, too.


This is the perfect time to change your air filter. If your home tends to get that stinky-pet smell, invest in a good air purifier.

Fur Busting

Spring is a peak shedding time. Some people are able to gather enough fur to create a whole new pet! Use a rubber dish glove or a damp sponge to get pet fur off your carpets and upholstery. A squeegee also works well.


Use an enzyme-based cleaner to remove stains and odor. Baking soda and vinegar will also do the trick.

Nose Art

Does your dog leave nose prints all over your window when he’s barking at the neighbor’s cat? Use vinegar and newspaper to clean up Fido’s nose art.

Please reach out to us, your Burlington, ON vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here for you!

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