Our Veterinarian

Anne Keuhl, DVM
To this day, Dr. Anne Keuhl is amazed by the heartwarming ways that pets enrich and improve their owners’ lives. She knows firsthand just how valuable and important our animal companions are! Dr. Keuhl is honoured to contribute to those relationships as a veterinarian, and she couldn’t be happier to continue her work right here at Brant Animal Clinic.

Dr. Keuhl is from Burlington, Ontario and started her veterinary journey by completing her high school co-operative career placement at a clinic there. She’s been working in veterinary medicine ever since! Dr. Keuhl graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph in 2004, then took a job working with farm animals in Alberta. Five years later, she was invited to return to her hometown and work at the same small-animal clinic where she had completed her high school co-op placement.

After several rewarding years there, Dr. Keuhl joined the Brant Animal Clinic family in 2019 and is thrilled to continue her animal-care journey alongside a team of talented and compassionate pet-lovers just like herself. She never tires of the adorable puppy and kitten visits, but she also has a soft spot for our senior pets—it’s very rewarding for Dr. Keuhl to use the resources at her disposal to keep pets comfortable as they age.

When she’s not at work or doting on her orange tabby cat at home, Dr. Keuhl enjoys practicing jazz piano and leading music during Sunday morning church services, learning new languages, traveling—she’s even provided veterinary care for farm animals in rural Kenya and Mongolia—and sponsoring children around the world. Dr. Keuhl is very passionate about poverty relief through sponsorship, and has traveled all around the world to visit a dozen of her sponsored children!
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