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Veterinary Technician
Taylor always knew that she wanted to work with animals in one way or another, and she wanted to do it in a direct, hands-on way. During her senior year of high school, she volunteered at a veterinary clinic, where she learned all about the Veterinary Technician field from the employee that she was shadowing. That very day, Taylor made up her mind: she was going to help animals as a Technician herself!

Taylor grew up in Ancaster and attended Georgian College in Orillia to study veterinary technology. She graduated in 2017, then launched her veterinary career at a clinic in Hamilton. Taylor would remain there for two years, developing her skillset and expanding her knowledge in the animal-care field, before moving closer to this area and seeking a new opportunity. That’s when she came across Brant Animal Clinic—Taylor has been a member of the hospital family since May of 2019.

As a Tech, Taylor enjoys radiology work for all of the interesting things she can discover about a patient. She’s also fond of cytology and studying samples in the lab. Her favorite part of every shift is the knowledge that she’s able to make an impact in the lives of the community’s families. After all, it’s why she became a veterinary professional in the first place!

When she’s not here at the hospital, Taylor enjoys swimming, bicycling and hiking in the summers, and traveling and going on road trips. She especially likes visiting Cuba, and tries to make it there at least once a year! Taylor also loves to dote on her own animal friends at home. She and her family live with Bailey, a playful Springer Spaniel who is Taylor’s pool partner in the summers; Hunter the trouble-making tabby cat; and a longhaired cat named Parker who was adopted after serving as Taylor’s “care cat” during her second year of Technician school.
Customer Service Representative
One of Dyan’s favorite things is interacting with people and building personal relationships. She’s also been a lifelong animal-lover. Dyan wanted a career that combined all of these things, and she found just that in veterinary medicine! She’s a proud member of the clinic’s front-desk team.

Dyan was born and raised in Hamilton, and she joined the Brant Animal Clinic family in October of 2018. She couldn’t be happier to launch her journey in pet care right here at the hospital, and she finds that no two days are ever quite the same—she’s constantly learning something new. Dyan’s favorite part of her job is getting to spoil the area’s adorable pets and meeting their loving owners every day.

Dyan lives in the country with her husband and daughter. The family shares their lives with several wonderful pets: Kitty the cat, who loves to help Dyan with the dishes by licking them clean; Rocky the Rottweiler/Husky mix whose favorite pastime is chasing rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and birds in the backyard; and an appropriately named potbellied pig, Diva, who lives indoors with her family but loves lounging outside in the warmer months.
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