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Fall To-Do List For Pet Owners

September 15, 2021
Summer is (almost) officially over. Whether you love the cold or can’t wait for spring, you’ll likely start storing away your warm-weather clothes and goods, and pulling out fall and winter stuff. Don’t forget about your animal companion! A Louisville, KY vet lists a few things for you to add to your agenda below.

Doggy Wardrobe Check

Dogs with thin coats need some extra protection from the weather. If Fido wears sweaters or jackets in winter, make sure that everything is clean and in good condition.

Food Adjustments

You may need to adjust your furry friend’s diet a bit as the temperatures drop. Older pets often get very stiff and sore when it’s cold, and may need some extra supplements. Dogs that are very active and/or spend a lot of time might need bigger portions, as will cats that are allowed outdoors. Ask your vet for specific advice, including tips on supplements and serving sizes.


Many of our canine pals don’t get as many baths in winter as they do in summer. Give Fido a good bath, or book him an appointment at the salon. Don’t forget about nail trims! As for Fluffy, she could use a bit of help with all that fur, too.

Schedule Change

As the days shorten, you’ll want to make a few minor adjustments to your pet’s care regimen. If you leave your dog or cat home alone while you go to work, turn a light or radio on for them. You’ll also need reflective gear for both Fido and yourself for night walks.


Make sure your furry buddy has a comfy bed to curl up in on those chilly nights. Orthopedic beds are great for large dogs and senior pets. Fluffy and Fido may also appreciate a thermal or heated bed.


Autumn makes for some great dog-walking weather. Grab your canine companion and a mug of your favorite tea or coffee, and explore a pretty park or trail you’ve never seen before!


Did you know that cats sleep even more than usual in cold or rainy weather? Take advantage of Fluffy’s lap-warming abilities, and settle in with a good book or movie one chilly night. Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Louisville, KY animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering the best care around!

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